WordBrain Answers All Levels

On this page you may find all WordBrain Answers, Cheats and Solutions. WordBrain is a popular word puzzle game developed by the Swedish company MAG Interactive. The game is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms, as well as on Facebook. The gameplay is simple, yet addictive, making it a hit among word puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.

In WordBrain, players are presented with a grid of letters that are arranged in a specific order. The goal is to create words by swiping across the letters in any direction, vertically or horizontally, to form a valid word. The letters will then disappear, and the remaining letters will shift into the empty spaces.

The game starts with a 2x2 grid, and as players progress through the levels, the grid size increases, and the puzzles become more challenging. The game has more than 5800 levels, and new levels are added regularly to keep players engaged.

WordBrain also features hints that players can use when they get stuck on a level. The hints can either reveal the first letter of a word or remove some of the letters that are not part of the solution. Players can also earn coins by completing levels and daily challenges, which can be used to purchase additional hints or to unlock new themes.

Overall, WordBrain is a fun and engaging word puzzle game that offers a challenging and satisfying gameplay experience for players of all skill levels.